Creating time for people by
automating administrative processes
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At Multisoft we know how frustrating IT can be and that there are times when you just want to get on with your work instead of fighting your software. This is why we have developed Softadmin® - a tool that will seamlessly integrate with all your existing processes and enhance the way you do business instead of holding you back!

With Softadmin® we help create time for people by automating administrative processes - and it’s more affordable than you think!

What our clients say

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The consultants at Multisoft have a high level of knowledge and are easy to work with. They quickly put together effective solutions based on our needs. Softadmin is a powerful tool in our everyday business.

Johnny Dovrell
Project Manager


We would never have been the successful company we are today if we hadn’t had a flexible and stable business solution. Multisoft has been our partner since the year 2000 and has helped us achieve this in a fantastic way using Softadmin.

Roland Bergh


The system works incredibly well. I haven’t received a single error message or an unexpected response time so far. I don’t think I’ve ever received such a stable first delivery of software from a consultant agency before today.

Jesper Klingofström
System Development Manager